What You Should Do As CFO

It is not merely enough for you to accept the position of CFO when it’s offered to you. If you want to keep your job and stay as someone who has a high position in a company, you have to make sure that you literally know how it is to be chief financial officer. Lots […]

Have You Recently Gotten Injured in an Accident?

Getting into accidents is a regular part of life especially if these accidents are the very little ones like for example bumping onto a piece of furniture, accidentally cutting your finger while preparing food and many more. However, accidents can be quite the problem especially if you have received an injury even if the accident […]

How to Do Self-assessment for Commercial Mortgage Loan?

Those who are familiar and well acquainted with the processes involved in availing of a home loan would surely find the process of availing of a commercial loan a bit different from that of the home loan. Home loan is usually backed by a government entity. However, with commercial mortgage, you are in for a […]